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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

Yep, the big V. The one all the singles hate, all the females with dates cherish, and all the males with dates... well, they aren't always exactly all about it.

My school does a few things to celebrate Valentine's Day. We can fill out matchmaker sheets for free, then pay a dollar to get our results (which only contain the names of people of the opposite gender who match you- and of course, who filled out their sheets).

We can also send and receive Candygrams. What are Candygrams? Candygrams, my dear, unenlightened friend, are small bags of candy with valentine cards attached. I got a Batman one with a nice bunch of candy. I also got a truffle, a Twix, a Snickers, and a bag of Valentine's Day M&Ms from Julianna. She's so sweet...

I sent a bunch of Candygrams: Jenny, John, Jonathon, Katie, Tyler, and Kristen. Well, I mean, I didn't really send them. It was more like Jenny decided she wanted to spend over a fifth of her allowance (around fifteen out of fifty dollars) on being a good person for V-day, so she dragged me over to the table in the caf to get some with her so she wouldn't look stupid (as if having another person there with you when you buy an ass-load of Valentine's makes you look less retarded).

She sent me one, so of course I sent her one. I haven't eaten my candy yet, since I'm in the school library and all, and I'm focused on not breaking any more rules than absolutely necessary.

She sent one to some guy in theatre that one of my friends likes, and signed that friend's name (kinda a bitch thing to do). She also sent one to a teacher everyone is pretty much convinced is lesbian (coughcoughMsO'Nealcoughcough), and signed it from the goofiest male teacher we could think of (that would be Nauert, for any Harpeth-ers reading... yes, she thought it would be funny... yeah, it kinda was).

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