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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Homophobic Jackasses Need to Burn in Hell

Sorry for the obscenity. People like this REALLY piss me off:

"Homosexuality is a mental illness,period!Why and when did our great Military allow people with this sickness to enter?Or was it the case where nothing was said and they slipped through the cracks?Either way,if it goes on,it will be the end of our military establishment as well.Men and Women make up our fighting force,not loons!"

That is a direct copy-paste from the comments section on one of Yahoo!'s news stories (link in the title of this post for ya).

Thank you to Jeremy, Michelle, and all the others that defended gays. Here's one of my favorite retorts:

"I am a happily married heterosexual that believes that being gay is a bad choice and a mental illness."

"One more thing, mental illness is NOT a choice nor has it ever been. Are you HONESTLY suggesting that people who are schizophrenic CHOSE to be that way? You use these words like "mental illness" yet prove in the context of your writing that you really dont understand what those words mean. Tell me something, are you a psychiatrist? If no then shut the F up. I will have you know that gayness is NOT considered an illness in psychiatry no matter HOW MUCH you say it is. Say it some more... maybe next time you can convince yourself that you are right."

Way to go, Jeremy. You're my new best friend :)

Disclaimer: no, I'm not gay, I just don't think they're "sick" or "disgusting." They're people, and all you damn homophobes need to get the hell over it.

All right, I'm done cursing now.

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