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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is Technical

I went to a movie with a few friends: Rachel, Julianna, Jennie, John, and Bree. Brandon (ugh), Steven, Patrick (and his girlfriend), and Ryan (and his girlfriend) were going to come, but those two girls couldn't make it, so Patrick and Ryan decided not to come. So, it was girls' night out. Heh. 

Went to see When In Rome. It was mine and Rachel's second time. Still just as great. It was so great, in fact, that I'm downloading an AVI cam from TPB and putting it on a USB for my dad- his DVD player has a USB port, which he is very excited about. O_o

I'm using Monolingual to get rid of the many, many extra languages. (EDIT: It's finished. Cleared up 412 MB on hard drive, I swear to Jeebus.)

And... I forgot. 


I'm at dad's.

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