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Monday, February 1, 2010

Top Five Reasons I'm Vegetarian

1. Meat is gross. Okay, so this one might be a bit of a personal opinion, but it has very good backing. Meat is contaminated with blood, feces (read: animal shix), and other bodily fluids. Eww.

2. Vegetarians are thin. Yeah, it's kind of superficial, but I like being thin, and being vegetarian helps me to keep a healthy weight for me.

3. I'm green! No, seriously; this goes beyond the obvious. If you're taking a bunch of water to go into crops, which then have to go between animals (being raised for meat) and humans, it's kind of a waste. It's way more efficient to just have the water and crops go straight to us humans (and out pets)! :)

4. I save a bunch of birdies. And cows. And pigs. And all the other animals omnis eat. According to GoVeg.com, a single vegetarian can save the lives of 100 animals per year! That's, like, a farm's worth!

5. I can watch Onision's videos without feeling stupid, pathetic, and guilty. Really. He is the. Number. One. Reason. I became vegetarian. He is also my veggie crush *blush*

There are my five reasons! [:

Now go check out www.peta2.com if you're in high school or college, or www.PETA.com if you're... not? If you're older than that, I guess. Whatever. Go!


  1. I must say I'm a meatatarian in the sense that I eat no veggies (except corn) and hardly any fruit. =/

    It's more because I'm a picky eater. =p

    And I know a lot of vegetarians that are packing on some pretty heavy pounds. =/

  2. Roflcopter at the meatatarian-ness you have :)

    Ah, well. I haven't met any fat veggies... but whatever, I'm just grateful I'm not. It's all about having a good balance! =]


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