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Friday, November 19, 2010

10 Reasons I Adore Harry Potter

The series, not the character. I mean, I adore Harry himself, but in the title of this post, I meant the entire series- books, movies, fanfiction. Everything. JKR, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and her new haircut. I mean everything.

1. I've grown up with it. My mother handed me the first book when I was six years old and said, "Read this." I suppose she'd heard of it somewhere and decided that her voracious reader of a little girl would adore it. I loathed it at first, insisting "It's a grown-up book!" Thank God she made me finish it.

2. The characters are realistic. Dumbledore doesn't do everything right. Harry's an angsty bitch. Hermione is... well, a total nerd. And Ron's a dipshit sometimes. Each of the characters has his or her own plethora of faults- some minor, some major.

3. Lots of people die. And I mean that in the least awful way possible. Really. I learned through the books that good people die eventually, and so do bad people. Everyone dies. Thankfully, I didn't learn this slightly depressing lesson until, y'know, the fourth or so book, otherwise I would've been emo at the age of twelve.

4. JKR's writing style is bitchin'. I mean, seriously! That woman can write! She's never been an eleven year old boy, or a twelve to eighteen year old boy, but she can definitely get into Harry's head and write as he would think and speak.

5. I learned about patience. When you have to wait a year and a half between books, or two or three years between movies, you start to figure out that patience is indeed a virtue. 'Nuff said.

6. Rereading the books is fun. I swear to God, every time I reread Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I find some line I don't remember from the other dozens of times I've read it, and I chuckle quietly to myself, a habit that is certainly not helping me convince my mother I'm not schizophrenic.

7. Daniel Radcliffe. Do I need an explanation for this one? He may not have green eyes, but damn.

8. The characters are relatable. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up and be Hermione Granger- then I realized, I'm already her! Everyone has a character they can relate to. Some days I feel like Granger, others I feel like Snape, but I can always find a character I can sympathize with.

9. I have fellow fangirls and fanboys. Harry Potter has the biggest and most loyal fanbase I've ever seen. Try insulting Harry Potter in front of any one of us- you will wish you had never been born (or at least never done it), I promise. If we don't cut off your head and make you eat it (supposedly impossible, but we Potterheads have our ways), we'll at least make you miserable.

10. 'Cause I can, dammit. This is how I end top-ten posts when I can't think of a tenth thing to put on the list. Heh.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Perfect Guy" Survey

Perfect Guy Survey (with questions that actually matter)
Created by stonypony and taken 4903 times on Bzoink
Appearance- because looks are first impression.
What should be the impression given by his overall appearance?: Kept clean and neat
What would be his ideal hair color?: Brown
What would be his ideal eye color?: Blue or gray
What race would you prefer?: Caucasion
What should his complection be like?: Clear
Around how tall should he be?: 5'11"-ish
What body type?: Skinny and not too muscular
How should he dress?: Always a little over-dressed
What hair length do you prefer?: Short to medium
Do you like hats on men?: Certain types- I adore fedoras
Should he be neat and clean or a greaser?: Neat and clean!
Are there any traits you find partiuclarly attractive?: Well-groomed nails
Are there any traits you find particularly unattractive?: Chapped lips
Are there any physical traits I've missed, but you feel should be mentioned: None
Age and Economic Status- Things everyone thinks about.
What age range are you looking for?: Meh. Right now? 13-16, probably. Later in life? Anywhere within five to ten years of my age.
Does his economic status matter?: Not particularly.
Personality- The important stuff it takes a while to find out.
What is the single most important personality trait you look for?: Ability to spout witticisms
What personality trait do you find most unpleasant?: Arrogance
What are some areas of interest you would like him to share with you?: Books, math, sci-fi and fantasy, computers
Is sense of humor important to you? Elaborate.: Definitely! Sarcastic, twisted, a little dark, maybe even goofy every now and then. But humor is important.
Do you want a man with a protective personality?: A little, but not overly so.
What kind of movies would you want to watch with him?: Comedy! Parody! I want us to be able to drag each others' asses into romcoms and foreign action movies!
What kind of music would you want to listen to with him?: All kinds
What activities would you like to share with him?: Reading, watching movies, swimming, tennis
Would you object to a passion for sports?: Nah, as long as it isn't overkill
Would you get jealous when he goes out with the guys?: Hah, no! I need girl time, dude.
Should he know what you're feeling without you telling him?: Ehh. Sometimes.
Is it important to you that he buy you gifts?: Not at all, though it would (of course) be much appreciated.
Is it important to you that he spend a lot of time with you?: A certain amount of bonding is expected, but not, y'know, every minute of every day. We'd get sick of each other.
Is his level of intelligence important?: Yes; I'd prefer him be smarter than the average bear.
Would you want him to be smarter than you?: I'd like him to be smarter than me in some areas, but dumber than me in others.
Would you want him to be your provider?: No. I want to work.
Would he be aggressive?: Not usually. Probably when he goes into that protective mode we discussed earlier.
Would he be ambitious?: Yes!
Would he be tactful or blunt?: Blunt, for sure
Is it important that he have a spirit of adventure?: At the right times
Would you prefer a higly domestic man?: Like, cooking and cleaning and shit? Yeah, that'd be wonderful.
Life Goals- For when it gets serious.
Do you want children?: NO.
Do you expect to be a stay-at-home mom?: NO.
Would you ever want to be a 'housewife'?: NO.
What are your career goals?: To become a master in my field
Would it bother you if his career involved a lot of travel or long hours?: Naah.
Would you object to him being a workaholic?: Not in the least- I'll probably be a workaholic as well.
If he has a low paying or menial job, are you still interested?: Meh. He'll have to redeem himself in other areas.
Are you looking for marriage?: If it feels right, then sure
In what country would you like to live?: America or England
In what state, if U.S.?: Haven't the foggiest. Maybe Oregon.
Would you like to live in the city, country, or suburbs?: City, with some land out in the country
Would you want him to work close to home or commmute?: I don't really care. Not much further than an hour away, preferably.
If you had to pick one or the other: is he a good father or a good husband?: Husband, as I don't intend on having children.
If it came down to you or 'the baby', which would you have him choose?: Me! I don't want kids!
If you wish to have children, how many do you wish to have?: NONE!
What automobile would you want the two of you to have?: Either a hippie van or a hip, trendy small car
Conservative or liberal?: Liberal
Are politics important to you?: Yes, but if he's willing to debate, I'm game
Beliefs- the REALLY important stuff.
What is your religion?: Christian - Methodist
Is it important that he shares your beliefs?: Meh. Sorta, I guess.
Would you have a relationship with someone from a different belief system?: Depends on whether or not they intended on trying to convert me
What would you do if, after marriage, he changed his belief system?: As I said, it would depend on whether or not I would be an attempted convert
Does your belief system allow for divorce?: Yesh
Does your belief system allow abortion?: No
Morning-after pill?: FUCK IF I KNOW.
Does your belief system demand fidelity?: What? Yes, it does.
Would you want to be his first?: I honestly don't give a shit!
If you have different belief systems, which would be taught to any progeny?: This is getting ridiculous! I don't want children.
Would you celebrate Christian holidays?: Yes!
Other holidays?: Possibly!
Would you celebrate with your family or his?: Fuck, I suppose we'd split it up.
Finally- stuff that didn't fit anywhere else.
What kind of wedding do you want?: A small one. In a courthouse, possibly.
Do you want pets? If so, what kinds?: I'm not opposed to the idea. Any kind that couldn't be classified as "creepy-crawly."
Would you want him to be a college graduate?: Yes, eventually.
What sort of background/childhood would you prefer he come from?: One just as dysfunctional as mine
Is it important that he likes books?: YES.
Does he like Green Day?: Sure.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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My "What the Fuck?" Moment

I was informed today that Pre-Calculus is a four-point class for me and a number of other sophomores, whereas it is a six-point (or weighted) class for the juniors and seniors taking it with us. Why? Because they took Algebra w/ Trig last year. Apparently math classes are only ever weighted after you've taken four math classes already during your high school career. Which I have not. Pre-Cal is my third (I took Geometry and Algebra II last year). What the fuck?

Honestly, I think that's the most fucktarded rule I've ever heard of. I really think all the math classes you take beyond those required of you (you have to have completed Algebra II in order to graduate) should be weighted. I'm going the extra mile; stop rewarding those who don't want to work for being such shitheads (some people deserve to be left behind) and start fucking rewarding me! I deserve a weighted grade! If McMullin gets a C in that class, he gets four points averaged in with his GPA, whereas if I get a freakin' C, I get two points! My GPA is gonna go to shit all because of that fucking class.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Ever-Changing Goal

My "goal in life" changes a lot. I get that I'm young, so it's expected to do that, but it's still off-putting. It's my own fault, too. Back when I was (what I believe to be) depressed, I began planning everything. I thought I knew how my life was going to turn out. I was going to grow up, meet a guy right out of college, fall in love, have a kid, and be the successful American dream woman, balancing my home and career. Once I snapped out of it (rather, once I moved in with my mother and got away from the source of my depression), I realized that none of that really makes sense.

Why the hell did I try to plan my life out? Who knows when I'll meet the love of my life? I mean, I could've met him already and not even know it! Besides that, I don't even want children. What kind of awful crack was I on?

At that point in my life, I'd decided I wanted to be a high school history teacher, just like my uncle. I figured I liked history, and all my favorite teachers reminded me of me, so why not? There were lots of reasons not. If I didn't like learning to standardized tests, why did I think I would enjoy teaching to those same standardized tests? I have issues with authority figures even when I agree with them. That situation wouldn't have ended well at all.

The issue with realizing that I was in a really bad place back then and wasn't thinking straight is that now I know that I, you know, don't know anything. I know I don't want kids, but that's about it. I get that I'm a selfish human being who doesn't want to set her career back, and I know that I want to fall in love. That's just about the extent of my knowledge of myself. Not even kidding.

I take career suggestion tests all the time because I have no clue what I want to do with my life. Actually, that's not true- I have clues. Lots and lots of clues. A veritable ocean of clues. In all honesty, there are more fields I'm interested in than there are followers of this blog (not saying a whole lot, but you get the message).

"You should work with computers." A lot of people suggest that. My step-dad told me I should do something where I can "analyze the shit outta something." I agree whole-heartedly. My Mimi wants me to go into a field in which I can use my knowledge to the best of my ability. She wants me to be a doctor. Doesn't matter that I hate biology and can't stand studying cells- she's convinced I should be a doctor and find the cure for cancer.

I kinda want to do something involving law enforcement. I like the idea of catching the bad guy. I've looked into jobs where I could analyze things like JT suggested, and it seems like criminal psychology would be a good bet for me. I don't like the idea of saying, "I want to do this!" because it seems whenever I become certain of something, I lose interest or it floats away.

Slightly philosophical blog posts FTW?

I'd love comments on if you know what you want to be "when you grow up," even if you're an adult. I love asking these kinds of questions. One time I asked an attorney and he said he wanted to grow up and be the Grinch. (He was kinda strange.)