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Friday, November 19, 2010

10 Reasons I Adore Harry Potter

The series, not the character. I mean, I adore Harry himself, but in the title of this post, I meant the entire series- books, movies, fanfiction. Everything. JKR, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and her new haircut. I mean everything.

1. I've grown up with it. My mother handed me the first book when I was six years old and said, "Read this." I suppose she'd heard of it somewhere and decided that her voracious reader of a little girl would adore it. I loathed it at first, insisting "It's a grown-up book!" Thank God she made me finish it.

2. The characters are realistic. Dumbledore doesn't do everything right. Harry's an angsty bitch. Hermione is... well, a total nerd. And Ron's a dipshit sometimes. Each of the characters has his or her own plethora of faults- some minor, some major.

3. Lots of people die. And I mean that in the least awful way possible. Really. I learned through the books that good people die eventually, and so do bad people. Everyone dies. Thankfully, I didn't learn this slightly depressing lesson until, y'know, the fourth or so book, otherwise I would've been emo at the age of twelve.

4. JKR's writing style is bitchin'. I mean, seriously! That woman can write! She's never been an eleven year old boy, or a twelve to eighteen year old boy, but she can definitely get into Harry's head and write as he would think and speak.

5. I learned about patience. When you have to wait a year and a half between books, or two or three years between movies, you start to figure out that patience is indeed a virtue. 'Nuff said.

6. Rereading the books is fun. I swear to God, every time I reread Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I find some line I don't remember from the other dozens of times I've read it, and I chuckle quietly to myself, a habit that is certainly not helping me convince my mother I'm not schizophrenic.

7. Daniel Radcliffe. Do I need an explanation for this one? He may not have green eyes, but damn.

8. The characters are relatable. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up and be Hermione Granger- then I realized, I'm already her! Everyone has a character they can relate to. Some days I feel like Granger, others I feel like Snape, but I can always find a character I can sympathize with.

9. I have fellow fangirls and fanboys. Harry Potter has the biggest and most loyal fanbase I've ever seen. Try insulting Harry Potter in front of any one of us- you will wish you had never been born (or at least never done it), I promise. If we don't cut off your head and make you eat it (supposedly impossible, but we Potterheads have our ways), we'll at least make you miserable.

10. 'Cause I can, dammit. This is how I end top-ten posts when I can't think of a tenth thing to put on the list. Heh.


  1. Holy shit I love Harry Potter. Thoses are good points.I went to the 12:01am premiere. Im gonna guess you did the same :P

  2. Ugh, I'm jealous! I really wanted to, but I couldn't get a ride and my mother was unwilling to take me. I went to the first showing I could, which was literally right after school ended- we got there right as the previews started showing! I had a mock duel with my best friend during the previews, which was fucking amazing. I trust you had oodles of fun?!


  4. Daaaaaamn.You're writing doesn't suck. Congrats!
    But, in all truth, Daniel Radcliffe? Seriously?

  5. *Your

    And yes, Grayson, Daniel Radcliffe.

  6. Late to the party here, but I agree with all of your points. The Harry Potter series I've already re-read once, and I know I'll re-read it again at some point. I've always viewed the values it teaches as very positive, uncompromising, and sometimes messy lessons about what real life with other human beings can be.

    Nobody is perfect, even heroes, but that doesn't mean that nobility and honor are above even regular folk. We all have it in us from time to time. :)


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