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Sunday, January 29, 2012


So last night I went to this magnificently swanky party in a suite that one man described as "very Sex and the City." The suite had three stories (with the bottom story on floor nine of the entire building, if I remember correctly), lighted stairs, chrome and modern furniture all around, floor-to-ceiling windows. It was pretty damn swanky.

It was like someone had gathered together Music City's biggest and richest and put them all in the same room to mingle- actually, no, it wasn't like that. That's exactly what the fuck it was. I shook the hand of some NFL player I- of course- didn't recognize, met the mother of the guy who played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network (Armie Hammer), chatted with the most celebrated celebrity makeup artist in the city, and just general mixed and mingled with a lot of amazing people I didn't recognize. And I was offered wine (which I politely declined) on more than one occasion.

The occasion being celebrated? The premier of the new television show of a good friend of my grandmother's, Jonathon Pierce. The show is called Interiors, Inc. and airs on HGTV at 9:30 (8:30 Central) every Saturday.

My Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

5. 90's Boy Bands

Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC come to mind. The first CD I ever owned was the Backstreet Boys album Backstreet's Back. I probably jammed to Everybody (Backstreet's Back) more times than I can count, and I'm sure my mother thanked the Lord that I had headphones and not the huge speakers I have now.

4. Wizards of Waverly Place

I don't exactly watch it for the plot, and I really don't watch it for the dialogue, as both aspects of the show can be a little stilted on occasion. I really enjoy David Henrie (really enjoy him) as Justin Russo, the nerdy, geeky, all-around adorkable older brother of Alex Russo, the main character of the show.

3. Knitting

In the past I've knit fingerless gloves, adorable little coin purses, and iPod/mobile phone/mp3 player cases with cute little button flaps, and I'm currently working on a hat for Kirby (pictures of which I will post when it's finished, which will be soon).

2. Fanfiction

Criminal Minds, NCIS, Harry Potter, even some Twilight back in the day... any fandom I've written about on this blog, I've written/read fanfiction for it.

1. Nicolas Cage

I don't care how much everyone else hates him and thinks he overacts. I love him to death. National Treasure, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season of the Witch... goodness, I love Nicolas Cage. 

Well, haters gonna hate. What are your guilty pleasures?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Survey from Quizopolis.com

What is their name? - [censored for blogging purposes]
What pet name do you like to call them? - Kirby!
How long have you been together? - Officially? A few weeks. How long have we been mutually attracted to each other, emotionally and physically? Months.
How did you meet? - He was working with some friends of mine in a lab group last May.
What do you like the most about them? - His sense of humor.
What do you like the least about them? - Perhaps talking while our theater teacher is talking.
What is the best thing they have ever done for you? - I have no idea.
Have they met your parents yet? - Yes. It was slightly uncomfortable.
What would you kids look like if you had kids? - They'd at least be a decent height. And they'd totally have hazel eyes.
What is the worst argument you have had? - I don't know that we've ever actually argued.
Do you still kiss a lot? - We've kissed each other on the cheek.
Who asked who out? - Well, erm, Iunno.
Do you think you will get married? - I don't know.
Can you see yourself growing old with them? - Honestly? I can see it.
What is the one thing you would like to change about them? - Not a damn thing.
What do you think they would like to change about you? - Perhaps make me more of a gamer.
What is the first gift they ever bought you? - Voltage (Mountain Dew)! And if that doesn't count, then a cute bookmark.
Do you have a favorite song together? - Erm... perhaps When You Were Young by the Killers.
Which famous person do you think they look like the most? - I haven't the foggiest.
Would you say the two of you are a good match? - Definitely.

Take This Survey at Quizopolis.com

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Looking Pretty Whilst Sleep-Deprived as Hell: A Guide

I was asked recently (that's a lie, it wasn't recent; I've looked like shit recently due to an inability to take my own advice) how I manage to look so nice whilst so motherfucking sleep-deprived. (My average sleep amount on weeknights for junior year, not counting midterm week, has been five and a half to six hours. And remember, that's an average; for every night I've gotten eight or nine hours, I've gotten one or two- or none, though from what I can remember that's only happened once, very near the beginning of August- on another night.)

  1. Drink black coffee like... well, fish don't drink water, so we'll say "like an alcoholic drinks alcoholic beverages." Yes, your piss will reek. If that bothers you, drink more water.
  2. Drink lots of water. Oh, look at that! Now maybe if you remember this part your piss won't reek. Note: You will not remember this part.
  3. Sit with proper posture and gesticulate during conversations. If you make an effort to appear alert and energized, you will reap two benefits: first off, you'll feel alert and energized, and second off, others will see you as energetic. And energetic is attractive.
  4. For God's sake, don't skip on the morning routine. Mascara makes you look like you really do have eyelashes and doing something to fix your hair makes you look infinitely more put-together. There's nothing so awful as a halo of frizz on hair pulled back, particularly if your hair is curly. 
  5. Set your outfit out the night before. Future You will not have the time or the sense to pick out something decent to wear. Future You needs to have something to slip into while still half-asleep.
Most of these tips also apply to those who are not sleep-deprived, but I figured since I'm going to get about five hours tonight I'd start off a lengthy reading/charting session with a slightly relevant blog post.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hipster: Yea or Nay?

The girl in the picture is Xeno's ex and a dear friend of mine, to whom I will now refer as Derpette. This picture is a couple of weeks old; she recently cut her hair in such a manner that she resembles a pixie. She and I (and the rest of our group of friends) have been going back and forth for ages now, and I'm turning to you, the internet, to resolve this argument.

Is she a hipster or not?

First person to agree with me gets a poem written for them.

Once Again, I'm Entirely Full o' Shit

 A recent post of mine was heartfelt when I wrote it. But in retrospect I'm full of shit.

I never know what my heart is going to do. It's frustrating.

I broke up with that guy over winter break. Why? Oh, take a guess, internet. I lost interest and there was someone else.

About a week before I broke up with the guy, I had a dream. (I love that I finally had a chance to use that statement legitimately on MLK day.) Kirby had been split into two nearly-identical people, both of whom were romantically interested in me and in both of whom I was romantically interested. (Fuck yeah proper prepositional phrase placement.) Everyone was fussing at me for not choosing one or the other, and I was tearing myself apart for not being able to choose; they were both so wonderful! Of course, when I woke up and was aware that Kirby is but one person, I was incredibly relieved. Oh, and in the dream there was something about Republicans and Democrats trying to mulch a yard together but being incapable of deciding in what manner to distribute the mulch. But that isn't really relevant.

The day after the day I awoke from that dream, I went to lunch with Kirby and his parents. I later found out Kirby's mother contrived this lunch gathering to gauge whether or not I was suitable for her only son. Apparently they liked me well enough (or at least approved of me), because a few weeks later (after I'd broken up with the other guy due to not wanting to keep going in a relationship in which I wasn't truly emotionally invested) Kirby came over to my house.

He played Call of Duty: Black Ops with two of my siblings, he got interrogated by Bear, the whole shebang. My parents think he's a lot like my mother's brother, which means they think he's one of the dorkiest things to walk the planet. Which is a completely legitimate conclusion. They tolerate him, though, I think. They don't know him well enough to really like or dislike him yet.

This weekend our plan is for me to go to his house and watch the original Star Wars trilogy since I've only seen one of the films and that was a very long time ago. You, my dear readers, will get to see how that goes.

Also, I drew a picture regarding how I feel sometimes around him.