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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Looking Pretty Whilst Sleep-Deprived as Hell: A Guide

I was asked recently (that's a lie, it wasn't recent; I've looked like shit recently due to an inability to take my own advice) how I manage to look so nice whilst so motherfucking sleep-deprived. (My average sleep amount on weeknights for junior year, not counting midterm week, has been five and a half to six hours. And remember, that's an average; for every night I've gotten eight or nine hours, I've gotten one or two- or none, though from what I can remember that's only happened once, very near the beginning of August- on another night.)

  1. Drink black coffee like... well, fish don't drink water, so we'll say "like an alcoholic drinks alcoholic beverages." Yes, your piss will reek. If that bothers you, drink more water.
  2. Drink lots of water. Oh, look at that! Now maybe if you remember this part your piss won't reek. Note: You will not remember this part.
  3. Sit with proper posture and gesticulate during conversations. If you make an effort to appear alert and energized, you will reap two benefits: first off, you'll feel alert and energized, and second off, others will see you as energetic. And energetic is attractive.
  4. For God's sake, don't skip on the morning routine. Mascara makes you look like you really do have eyelashes and doing something to fix your hair makes you look infinitely more put-together. There's nothing so awful as a halo of frizz on hair pulled back, particularly if your hair is curly. 
  5. Set your outfit out the night before. Future You will not have the time or the sense to pick out something decent to wear. Future You needs to have something to slip into while still half-asleep.
Most of these tips also apply to those who are not sleep-deprived, but I figured since I'm going to get about five hours tonight I'd start off a lengthy reading/charting session with a slightly relevant blog post.

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