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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Atrocity I Call a Love Life?

Well, here are all the males that have- throughout freshman year- affected this thing you could almost call a love life.

With boy one, things have changed- I'm completely over him. Boy two: how the hell could I have ever liked that thing? Boy three- well, he's kind of faded out. Boy four is avoiding me, and that pisses me off. Boy five, I think I'm in love with. Boy six won't bloody well leave me alone, and that really pisses me off. Boy seven likes me (I'm pretty sure), and he's just adorable.

There you go. If you know me, you're probably going, "Seven?! YOU?!" And my reply will be, "Yeah."

By the way, I just have to say this and hope that the right person sees it: "Thanks for the Gatorade, man." 'Cause I can't say it to your face. Maybe someone will pass it along?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Omegle Featurette: Healthcare Opinions (AKA: Scream)

Today I decided to do something I deemed interesting. In light of the recent health care bill I know you all know has been passed, I've gone beyond my usual complaining. Beyond typing a few bad words. What sparked this, you ask? I wanted to know the varying opinions of people from not just my neighborhood- not just my state- not even just my country. I've gone beyond national borders. I've gone into a completely randomized, worldwide survey.

Of course, there were some limitations. For example, I could only reach people who have access to a computer and were online at the same time I was. How did I know I could get completely honest opinions? That's simple. I went to the most anonymous place I could think of.

That's right, internetters.


Here are some of the responses I received.

You: What do you think of the fact that the healthcare bill passed in the US?
Stranger: hello
Stranger: i love it
You: Why?
Stranger: now there is healthcare for the unfortunate of our country
You: Thanks for your opinion :)

You: What do you think of the fact that the healthcare bill passed in the US?
Stranger: i dont really care. wtff?
Stranger: hey
You: What do you think of the fact that the healthcare bill passed in the US?
Stranger: i dnt like it
You: Why?
Stranger: all our taxes are gonna go up
Stranger: and the health care is only gonna benifit those that caused the issue in the first place
You: Thanks for your opinion :) 
You: What do you think of the fact that the healthcare bill passed in the US?
Stranger: Asl
You: 14 f usa
Stranger: It's good
Stranger: The more like rngland you are the better
Stranger: Now old people won't die just ecause they can't afford drugs
You: Thanks for your opinion :)
You: What do you think of the fact that the healthcare bill passed in the US?
Stranger: hi
Stranger: i like obama
You: But what do you think of the bill?
Stranger: its good. we need healthcare.
You: Thanks for your opinion :)
You: What do you think of the fact that the healthcare bill passed in the US?
Stranger: it fuckin blows
You: Why?
Stranger: cause i work for a living
Stranger: what do you think of it
You: Thanks for your opinion, love :) So far, you're my favorite.
You: And I completely agree.

There you go. I believe that's an accurate representation of how the US- along with other countries around the world- is reacting in general. Right now, millions of people- even beyond those 32 million uninsured, who I know are jumping for joy- are acting like Obama is God, and everything he does will directly benefit this country. I think it's fine that you like Obama. I don't expect you to have the same political beliefs as me.

However, I do expect you to maintain a certain level of suspicion. I don't mean, "Oh, he's black, he's a bad person, watch him." I don't even mean, "He's un-American because he's a Democrat." I just believe that, quite frankly, 99% of politicians give the other 1% a bad name, and you can never know who's in which category.

I, personally, think that people should base their judgments not on what political party the suggestion came from, and not whether you like the majority of the ideas of the person who suggested it. I try to judge all of Obama's ideas on a, basically, idea-to-idea basis. I don't want to get in the habit many people I know are stuck in: "Obama suggested it, so it must be bad for the country."

I do believe that he is capable of doing good things for this country. However, I do not believe this- or, to put it bluntly, anything else he has done or plans to do- is his best attempt at showing this potential.

And as I sit here, in my living room, munching on fruit snacks, I leave you with this: if you're my age, you're a teenager. I hate to tell you this, but at some point, you're going to be responsible for electing the president of the United States. You will have a say eventually, and when you do, I don't want you to speak your voice.

I want you to scream, dammit. Scream for what you believe in. Scream for the good ideas; scream against the bad ones. Make sure you're heard. If you're like me, you're probably a minority in your school. Most people in my school couldn't tell you who the vice president is at the moment, and even more couldn't tell you what Nancy Pelosi's job is.

Don't be like them. They're going to be the ones in ten years saying, "Why does this matter?" And if the majority of people are asking that, then the voices of those who know why it matters will not be heard. Unless, of course, we scream.

Do a protest, make this the subject of your next class speech, write it on a bathroom stall; I could care less. I just take pride in knowing that there are people out there, my age, who know what they want and need from their government, and know when they are or are not getting it.

I really hope you're one of those people.

Scream on.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Standard Account"

Oh, how I hate "standard accounts."

I don't care what platform you're using- Braingle, Zwinky, or Windows Vista- it still sucks.

Why? Because you don't have any rights. Zip. Zero. Nada. And why is this irritating? Because you can't delete Internet Explorer off the desktop or even move it into a hidden folder. It's always there. Why else? Because you can't run executable files without an admin password.

How about you? What other platforms have you stopped using completely simply because you weren't able to do everything you knew you wanted- and should have been able- to do?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I just applied for my first job ever. At Publix.

How stunning. I really hope I get hired. I could use the extra cash.

And, for the record, my Career Management class didn't pay off at all.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's one really easy way to make things awkward. I think that all songwriters should receive a manual. What would be in this manual, you ask? Well, for starters, it would probably tell you in big, bold letters on the first page- possibly even before the table of contents, right after the publication info page- that you should never, under any circumstances, inform the person about whom the song is written that the song is in fact written about them. Nor should you use their actual name within the song. Either make up a name or omit the whole name problem entirely, adding a term of endearment with the same number of syllables ("babe," "sweetheart," "oh, baby,").

Those would be the kinds of things in the songwriters' manual. It shouldn't be written by Taylor Swift, I believe we can all agree. She tends to break all preconceived rules of songwriting.

Today has most certainly not been a fairy tale, dammit.

I presume you can guess what happened from the above rant.

Ugh. Males suck (no offense intended towards Logan or any of my other precious male followers- you guys can't help the shape of your genitals; it's only natural that we think you suck sometimes).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tune-a-Licious Tuesdays

In an effort to force myself to listen to popular music (and remember to post), I'm starting a little thing I'll call Tune-a-Licious Tuesdays. Musical Mondays are over-used, so there.

I'm great.

No, this isn't just, "Hey, I like this song." It's also, "I think that this is a good website to find new music, and this one sucks, and check this out- you probably haven't heard any of their other music, have you?" I think I'm really going to get into this.

Feel free to tell me about songs and albums you love/hate/both, and how much of a... you know, I was going to make a Miley Cyrus joke, but I can't even bring myself to go there.

Hanging out in the A+ Lab at school; the juniors are taking the ACT and we're going to be stuck in first period for the next, oh, three and a half to five hours. At least Wilson (he teaches Biology, my first period) isn't with us- we're in the lab because he's one of the proctors. The library and the entire math/science wing are closed to anyone but proctors and people taking the test.

Since we're in the A+ Lab and bored to death, Wilson gave us the opportunity to do extra credit: concept maps (in Inspiration® 8.0, if you want to know) on a) Cell Theory and Cell Parts, b) Monomers, Polymers, and the 4 Essential Organic Compounds, and/or c) Scientific Method.

I did the Scientific Method because it's the easiest. Pretty straight-forward, with a small loop at the end (where you re-test the hypothesis). Meh. I figure I'll get a decent amound of points... here's a screenshot [edit: and... apparently not]. I would totally have done it a bit prettier, but I'm not on my Mac, and I can't be bothered to put in that much effort when on my computer- as opposed to this thing from the early 2000s- it would just take pressing three buttons. But I digress.

At least I can still save in png format. :P

Edit: GOD FREAKING... *urgh* I can't give you a screenshot because the school is retarded and has blocked all image hosting sites, even ones where it's impossible to see everyone else's pictures. You know, made for people like me. Fucking hell...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some Guys...

1. Are smarter than we females tend to think they are.
2. Can actually be pretty romantic when they want to be.
3. Like a girl who isn't afraid to laugh at something vulgar.
4. Don't care if you boss them around every now and then.
5. Aren't afraid to roll their eyes when you do girly shit like jumping up and down.
6. Can put up with up to forty-five whole straight minutes of shopping.
7. Like to laugh with you and at you.
8. Aren't as big of pigs as some people think.
9. Cry.
10. Really do mean it when they say sorry.

But only some guys.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mac or PC? Poll Results

And... here are the final results!

PC, but I like Macs more: 21%
Mac: 17%
PC, and I am content: 32%
Linux, bitchezz: 28%

So, in order of popularity: content PCs, Linux, not content PCs, Macs.

The only thing I would have expected to be different was the large amount of Linux users I somehow got voting. Was this from my XKCD stunt, or... ?