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Friday, February 26, 2010

Google vs. Yahoo!

In order to cash in a little on the Google vs. Yahoo! search war, as well as (hopefully) entertain myself and the masses, I'm showing you some search suggestions. What I typed is in bold, the italicized is Google, and the normal text is from Yahoo! The winner will be declared in bold on the line below the 'battle.'

Bella Swan is a Mary Sue a mary sue

(Overtime: Bella Swan is pathetic played by)

Harry Potter is better than Twilight evil

Omegle conversations omega

Diet plans pills

How to get pregnant rich

I like turtles to move it

and the finals...

Bo Burnham Bice

So, Google kicks Yahoo!'s arse 6-1.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Homophobic Jackasses Need to Burn in Hell

Sorry for the obscenity. People like this REALLY piss me off:

"Homosexuality is a mental illness,period!Why and when did our great Military allow people with this sickness to enter?Or was it the case where nothing was said and they slipped through the cracks?Either way,if it goes on,it will be the end of our military establishment as well.Men and Women make up our fighting force,not loons!"

That is a direct copy-paste from the comments section on one of Yahoo!'s news stories (link in the title of this post for ya).

Thank you to Jeremy, Michelle, and all the others that defended gays. Here's one of my favorite retorts:

"I am a happily married heterosexual that believes that being gay is a bad choice and a mental illness."

"One more thing, mental illness is NOT a choice nor has it ever been. Are you HONESTLY suggesting that people who are schizophrenic CHOSE to be that way? You use these words like "mental illness" yet prove in the context of your writing that you really dont understand what those words mean. Tell me something, are you a psychiatrist? If no then shut the F up. I will have you know that gayness is NOT considered an illness in psychiatry no matter HOW MUCH you say it is. Say it some more... maybe next time you can convince yourself that you are right."

Way to go, Jeremy. You're my new best friend :)

Disclaimer: no, I'm not gay, I just don't think they're "sick" or "disgusting." They're people, and all you damn homophobes need to get the hell over it.

All right, I'm done cursing now.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is Technical

I went to a movie with a few friends: Rachel, Julianna, Jennie, John, and Bree. Brandon (ugh), Steven, Patrick (and his girlfriend), and Ryan (and his girlfriend) were going to come, but those two girls couldn't make it, so Patrick and Ryan decided not to come. So, it was girls' night out. Heh. 

Went to see When In Rome. It was mine and Rachel's second time. Still just as great. It was so great, in fact, that I'm downloading an AVI cam from TPB and putting it on a USB for my dad- his DVD player has a USB port, which he is very excited about. O_o

I'm using Monolingual to get rid of the many, many extra languages. (EDIT: It's finished. Cleared up 412 MB on hard drive, I swear to Jeebus.)

And... I forgot. 


I'm at dad's.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On My Mind:

Rachel and I are planning a huge end-of-school party to take place in late May or early June. And by huge, I mean huge. Costs are going to be through the roof, unfortunately. Total cost will be approximately $750. Yeah, expensive party- we're planning for about 110 people showing up.

I'm cramping. All you women, I know you feel my pain. All you guys, ignore this.

I hate doing laundry.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

15 Days Left to Vote

Only 15 days left to vote on my stunningly beautiful poll over there -->

Oddly, about half of you use Linux. I didn't realize it was quite so common...

Anyways, vote because I love you.

Time Flies

No, really. I could have sworn that the last time I looked at the clock, it said 11:40, and it already says 1:00 now! What the crap? I smell coffee. Anyways.

What's up with that? I guess time flies when you're reading fanfiction? Whatever.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

Yep, the big V. The one all the singles hate, all the females with dates cherish, and all the males with dates... well, they aren't always exactly all about it.

My school does a few things to celebrate Valentine's Day. We can fill out matchmaker sheets for free, then pay a dollar to get our results (which only contain the names of people of the opposite gender who match you- and of course, who filled out their sheets).

We can also send and receive Candygrams. What are Candygrams? Candygrams, my dear, unenlightened friend, are small bags of candy with valentine cards attached. I got a Batman one with a nice bunch of candy. I also got a truffle, a Twix, a Snickers, and a bag of Valentine's Day M&Ms from Julianna. She's so sweet...

I sent a bunch of Candygrams: Jenny, John, Jonathon, Katie, Tyler, and Kristen. Well, I mean, I didn't really send them. It was more like Jenny decided she wanted to spend over a fifth of her allowance (around fifteen out of fifty dollars) on being a good person for V-day, so she dragged me over to the table in the caf to get some with her so she wouldn't look stupid (as if having another person there with you when you buy an ass-load of Valentine's makes you look less retarded).

She sent me one, so of course I sent her one. I haven't eaten my candy yet, since I'm in the school library and all, and I'm focused on not breaking any more rules than absolutely necessary.

She sent one to some guy in theatre that one of my friends likes, and signed that friend's name (kinda a bitch thing to do). She also sent one to a teacher everyone is pretty much convinced is lesbian (coughcoughMsO'Nealcoughcough), and signed it from the goofiest male teacher we could think of (that would be Nauert, for any Harpeth-ers reading... yes, she thought it would be funny... yeah, it kinda was).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Poll!

I know, I know. Took me long enough. Like, 1/6 of the month was already gone when I put it up! Shiznix! Looks like y'all better get to voting FAST.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Top Five Reasons I'm Vegetarian

1. Meat is gross. Okay, so this one might be a bit of a personal opinion, but it has very good backing. Meat is contaminated with blood, feces (read: animal shix), and other bodily fluids. Eww.

2. Vegetarians are thin. Yeah, it's kind of superficial, but I like being thin, and being vegetarian helps me to keep a healthy weight for me.

3. I'm green! No, seriously; this goes beyond the obvious. If you're taking a bunch of water to go into crops, which then have to go between animals (being raised for meat) and humans, it's kind of a waste. It's way more efficient to just have the water and crops go straight to us humans (and out pets)! :)

4. I save a bunch of birdies. And cows. And pigs. And all the other animals omnis eat. According to GoVeg.com, a single vegetarian can save the lives of 100 animals per year! That's, like, a farm's worth!

5. I can watch Onision's videos without feeling stupid, pathetic, and guilty. Really. He is the. Number. One. Reason. I became vegetarian. He is also my veggie crush *blush*

There are my five reasons! [:

Now go check out www.peta2.com if you're in high school or college, or www.PETA.com if you're... not? If you're older than that, I guess. Whatever. Go!

Intellectual Giftedness: Signs and Symptoms

"Generally, gifted individuals learn more quickly, deeply, and broadly than their peers. Gifted children may learn to read early and operate at the same level as normal children who are significantly older. The gifted tend to demonstrate high reasoning ability, creativitycuriosity, a large vocabulary, and an excellent memory. They often can master concepts with few repetitions. They may also be physically and emotionally sensitive, perfectionistic, and may frequently question authority."

I especially appreciate that list bit pertaining to authority. Pretty accurate, eh?

Strip Poohsticks, Strip Chess by Mail

Yes, this is intentionally taking advantage of the fact that tons of people will be Googling those search phrases, thanks to XKCD's latest comic (as of this writing). 

So... not much to say. I'm at my dad's right now, watching the children (no school and both he and the evil stepmother have to work, and Taylor is hanging out at my aunt Kim's place with her kids).