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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goal #1: Stop Biting Nails

Goal: Stop Biting Nails

Start Date: 11 February 2014

Check-In Dates: 4 March 2014, 25 March 2014

End Date: 22 April 2014

Why? It's utterly disgusting how many germs I'm putting in my mouth on the daily by doing this. It isn't even like I live in the middle of nowhere where maybe it's some good old-fashioned all-natural dirt or something I could maybe justify if I didn't have a brain; I'm in a big city living with a bunch of other college students. Everything is gross. I should not be essentially putting everything I touch in my mouth.

I'm also always a little embarrassed about it when I'm around potential employers, professors, and love interests. None of those are people in front of whom I want to look nervous, anxious, incompetent, unprofessional, or unattractive. And yet I do.

Course of Action: First, paint the little bastards. It will look like a Jackson Pollock painting. Then, wait. Then, when they start to chip, instead of peeling it off and thinking, "Oh, I totes have this! I have all sorts of self-control!" remember this post and say, "Oh, shit, I have no actual self-control whatsoever. I should not do that at all. Time to repaint!" If I can sustain that until my end date, I'll do whatever I like from there.

P.S. Yeah fuck you I know I haven't posted in a year.