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One of those crazy teen blogger types. Completely bribe-able with coffee. An INTP.

About the Author

Hey! I assume you clicked a link to read this page and that you want to read about me, so I'll spare you the arbitrary introductions associated with these sorts of pages.

My name isn't really Artemis. I know, who'd have thought it? I'm not even very Artemis-like. I'm much more Athena-esque, to be honest. It's just that I really like the name Artemis. My real name is much less kickass, and a lot prettier. It ends with the letter 'a,' giving it a more feminine feel.

Yes, that's really me in the photo to the upper right there. I enjoy taking pictures of myself, but I hate my nose and chin. I love my lips, neck, and collarbone, though, so my favorite pictures of myself usually at least include the neck region.

I am a teen blogger; I am sixteen years old (but twenty-four at heart, darling), and I write on my blog. But just because I'm a teen blogger doesn't mean I'm not a legitimate blogger. Although sometimes I slip into writing stereotypical posts on stereotypical topics, these are just what I like to call "fits of adolescence."

Besides writing for [[insert complaining here]], I enjoy solving useless and overly complex calculus problems, watching 30 Rock, and roaming the interwebs. I also kick ass at Mario Kart for Wii and can stay in the sun for up to six consecutive hours without sunscreen (I'll post about my skin cancer in a few years, don't worry).

This blog is present on Facebook, and you can follow me on Twitter. If you really want, you can even read my fanfiction.