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Monday, January 16, 2012

Once Again, I'm Entirely Full o' Shit

 A recent post of mine was heartfelt when I wrote it. But in retrospect I'm full of shit.

I never know what my heart is going to do. It's frustrating.

I broke up with that guy over winter break. Why? Oh, take a guess, internet. I lost interest and there was someone else.

About a week before I broke up with the guy, I had a dream. (I love that I finally had a chance to use that statement legitimately on MLK day.) Kirby had been split into two nearly-identical people, both of whom were romantically interested in me and in both of whom I was romantically interested. (Fuck yeah proper prepositional phrase placement.) Everyone was fussing at me for not choosing one or the other, and I was tearing myself apart for not being able to choose; they were both so wonderful! Of course, when I woke up and was aware that Kirby is but one person, I was incredibly relieved. Oh, and in the dream there was something about Republicans and Democrats trying to mulch a yard together but being incapable of deciding in what manner to distribute the mulch. But that isn't really relevant.

The day after the day I awoke from that dream, I went to lunch with Kirby and his parents. I later found out Kirby's mother contrived this lunch gathering to gauge whether or not I was suitable for her only son. Apparently they liked me well enough (or at least approved of me), because a few weeks later (after I'd broken up with the other guy due to not wanting to keep going in a relationship in which I wasn't truly emotionally invested) Kirby came over to my house.

He played Call of Duty: Black Ops with two of my siblings, he got interrogated by Bear, the whole shebang. My parents think he's a lot like my mother's brother, which means they think he's one of the dorkiest things to walk the planet. Which is a completely legitimate conclusion. They tolerate him, though, I think. They don't know him well enough to really like or dislike him yet.

This weekend our plan is for me to go to his house and watch the original Star Wars trilogy since I've only seen one of the films and that was a very long time ago. You, my dear readers, will get to see how that goes.

Also, I drew a picture regarding how I feel sometimes around him.

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