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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Time Machine Hugs

There are times I hear a story about someone from history and think, "God, I wish I could just travel back in time and hug them." Not in a congratulatory way, but in a consoling way. These are people who had no idea just what an inspiration they are, hundreds of years later.

  • Copernicus He was so afraid of offending the church with his work On the Rotations of Heavenly Bodies- which challenged the traditional, church-endorsed geocentric (Earth-centered) view of the universe and replaced it with a still-technically-incorrect heliocentric (sun-centered) view- that he didn't publish until he'd grown quite old. And even when he published it, he had it dedicated to the Pope. He died about a year afterwards.
    The hug? I'd hug him and find a way of telling him not to worry, that he's been right all along, and that eventually the church is going to give in and acknowledge his genius for just that: genius.

  • Galileo Another guy who just had no idea, bruh. This guy was locked away- by the Catholics, of course- and forced to recant his support of Copernicus's heliocentric view. He did for the telescope what Gutenberg did for the printing press; that is to say, he may not have invented it, but he sure as hell improved upon it. He was so incredibly frustrated by the fact that his peers swallowed the information fed to them and made no move to challenge the church's claims about the nature of the universe.
    The hug? I'd hug him and tell him what an absolute boss he is, and how in the not-very-distant, relatively, future, scientists gladly butt heads with the church and challenge everything. And, if I could, I'd download a couple Carl Sagan videos ahead of time and find a way to translate them so he could understand.

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