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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Perfect Guy" Survey

Perfect Guy Survey (with questions that actually matter)
Created by stonypony and taken 4903 times on Bzoink
Appearance- because looks are first impression.
What should be the impression given by his overall appearance?: Kept clean and neat
What would be his ideal hair color?: Brown
What would be his ideal eye color?: Blue or gray
What race would you prefer?: Caucasion
What should his complection be like?: Clear
Around how tall should he be?: 5'11"-ish
What body type?: Skinny and not too muscular
How should he dress?: Always a little over-dressed
What hair length do you prefer?: Short to medium
Do you like hats on men?: Certain types- I adore fedoras
Should he be neat and clean or a greaser?: Neat and clean!
Are there any traits you find partiuclarly attractive?: Well-groomed nails
Are there any traits you find particularly unattractive?: Chapped lips
Are there any physical traits I've missed, but you feel should be mentioned: None
Age and Economic Status- Things everyone thinks about.
What age range are you looking for?: Meh. Right now? 13-16, probably. Later in life? Anywhere within five to ten years of my age.
Does his economic status matter?: Not particularly.
Personality- The important stuff it takes a while to find out.
What is the single most important personality trait you look for?: Ability to spout witticisms
What personality trait do you find most unpleasant?: Arrogance
What are some areas of interest you would like him to share with you?: Books, math, sci-fi and fantasy, computers
Is sense of humor important to you? Elaborate.: Definitely! Sarcastic, twisted, a little dark, maybe even goofy every now and then. But humor is important.
Do you want a man with a protective personality?: A little, but not overly so.
What kind of movies would you want to watch with him?: Comedy! Parody! I want us to be able to drag each others' asses into romcoms and foreign action movies!
What kind of music would you want to listen to with him?: All kinds
What activities would you like to share with him?: Reading, watching movies, swimming, tennis
Would you object to a passion for sports?: Nah, as long as it isn't overkill
Would you get jealous when he goes out with the guys?: Hah, no! I need girl time, dude.
Should he know what you're feeling without you telling him?: Ehh. Sometimes.
Is it important to you that he buy you gifts?: Not at all, though it would (of course) be much appreciated.
Is it important to you that he spend a lot of time with you?: A certain amount of bonding is expected, but not, y'know, every minute of every day. We'd get sick of each other.
Is his level of intelligence important?: Yes; I'd prefer him be smarter than the average bear.
Would you want him to be smarter than you?: I'd like him to be smarter than me in some areas, but dumber than me in others.
Would you want him to be your provider?: No. I want to work.
Would he be aggressive?: Not usually. Probably when he goes into that protective mode we discussed earlier.
Would he be ambitious?: Yes!
Would he be tactful or blunt?: Blunt, for sure
Is it important that he have a spirit of adventure?: At the right times
Would you prefer a higly domestic man?: Like, cooking and cleaning and shit? Yeah, that'd be wonderful.
Life Goals- For when it gets serious.
Do you want children?: NO.
Do you expect to be a stay-at-home mom?: NO.
Would you ever want to be a 'housewife'?: NO.
What are your career goals?: To become a master in my field
Would it bother you if his career involved a lot of travel or long hours?: Naah.
Would you object to him being a workaholic?: Not in the least- I'll probably be a workaholic as well.
If he has a low paying or menial job, are you still interested?: Meh. He'll have to redeem himself in other areas.
Are you looking for marriage?: If it feels right, then sure
In what country would you like to live?: America or England
In what state, if U.S.?: Haven't the foggiest. Maybe Oregon.
Would you like to live in the city, country, or suburbs?: City, with some land out in the country
Would you want him to work close to home or commmute?: I don't really care. Not much further than an hour away, preferably.
If you had to pick one or the other: is he a good father or a good husband?: Husband, as I don't intend on having children.
If it came down to you or 'the baby', which would you have him choose?: Me! I don't want kids!
If you wish to have children, how many do you wish to have?: NONE!
What automobile would you want the two of you to have?: Either a hippie van or a hip, trendy small car
Conservative or liberal?: Liberal
Are politics important to you?: Yes, but if he's willing to debate, I'm game
Beliefs- the REALLY important stuff.
What is your religion?: Christian - Methodist
Is it important that he shares your beliefs?: Meh. Sorta, I guess.
Would you have a relationship with someone from a different belief system?: Depends on whether or not they intended on trying to convert me
What would you do if, after marriage, he changed his belief system?: As I said, it would depend on whether or not I would be an attempted convert
Does your belief system allow for divorce?: Yesh
Does your belief system allow abortion?: No
Morning-after pill?: FUCK IF I KNOW.
Does your belief system demand fidelity?: What? Yes, it does.
Would you want to be his first?: I honestly don't give a shit!
If you have different belief systems, which would be taught to any progeny?: This is getting ridiculous! I don't want children.
Would you celebrate Christian holidays?: Yes!
Other holidays?: Possibly!
Would you celebrate with your family or his?: Fuck, I suppose we'd split it up.
Finally- stuff that didn't fit anywhere else.
What kind of wedding do you want?: A small one. In a courthouse, possibly.
Do you want pets? If so, what kinds?: I'm not opposed to the idea. Any kind that couldn't be classified as "creepy-crawly."
Would you want him to be a college graduate?: Yes, eventually.
What sort of background/childhood would you prefer he come from?: One just as dysfunctional as mine
Is it important that he likes books?: YES.
Does he like Green Day?: Sure.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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