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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Has Gone Too Far.

Read the title. What do I speak of that is so blasphemous, you ask?

Misspellings. Now, for the record, I don't mean weird words like "Mongolian" and "virtuous." I mean perfectly normal words. Words everyone uses every day. Like "definitely" and "like." Or, as they're apparently spelled now, "defiantly" and "liek."

This has gone way. Too. Fucking. Far. These misspellings disgust me, and I want it to end. I say we start a revolution! A revolution to change the world into a place where proper spelling and grammar makes you a royal, not a geek or nerd- or the forsaken dork. (You know what a dork technically is? A whale's penis. Now you know.)

A revolution! Who's with me?




  1. Agreed! :) we should just chase people around all day with a red pen and fix their grammatical errors *winks* we'd be so popular

  2. So with you on this one. I h8 it when ppl takl liek dis.

  3. I'm down with the revolution. I think the laziness we have when it comes to spelling and grammar reflect a unhealthy passive attitude that we have toward our lives in general...

  4. @Hailee We'd be the coolest kids in school! :)
    @Alphie I know, it's so annoying :/
    @Logan That sounds like something my Career Management teacher would say, but you're right.


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