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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School Internet

Since I live in Nashville (Davidson county) and Harpeth is in Kingston Springs (Cheatham county), I'm actually not supposed to come here. Nobody really cares, though. I keep their test scores high, and if I can work it out so I go here instead of Hillwood (shudder) then boom ka boom, I get to stay.

In order to work it out so I can stay, I'm getting a ride with my friend Tyler's mom (my second period math teacher), Mrs. A. This would work out totally normal, except that Tyler is doing football conditioning or whatever- yeah, I'm not a sports person- and has to stay after school until about four o'clock.

So, to entertain myself, I brought my laptop today and hung out in the library (free wifi and all the books I can read, since Ms. Wuller loves me) for a while. I looked around for information on the publishing industry and talked to a few people online that said since I'm so young, I'll have a hard time getting published. "Why?" I asked. 

"Because young people aren't good writers," was the common response.


I literally groaned out loud the sixth time I got this reply, and Coach Kelso (he does the track team, and was doing some sort of massage thing for the teachers- not sure why he was in the library) goes, "You making much progress?"

"Not really," I say, frowning as I unplug the computer. 

"Uh-oh!" he says. I wind up the power cord. "You doing a research paper?"

"It's more of something for my own interest," I say, and close the laptop.

"What is it?" probes Kelso.

"I'm trying to find a way to publish the book I'm working on, even though I'm thirteen."

He raises his eyebrows, and whether he's genuinely impressed or humoring me, I do not know. "You should talk to some publishers."

No shit, I think, but manage to hold this sentiment back. "Yeah, I think I'm going to Google some in the Nashville area." I realize how often I say that phrase and wonder if it sounds weird. Anyone else in the Nash- erm, living around Nashville- say it often?

"Good plan. I mean, they're probably gonna be really impressed. People like you don't come around every day."

I smile and nod. He's right. Can we say 'confidence boost'? If- when- I get this damn thing published, I'm going to put him in that thank-you section I'm planning. You know, the bit where you thank every person that helped you, and a few that didn't, really?

But I won't overload it.

Anyways, I just glanced at the title of this blog and realized how off-base I just got. Here's the original HOLY SHIT IT IS RAINING REALLY, REALLY HARD 

Moving on. 

Original point: my home page in Safari is blocked. (It's the Pirate Bay. I guess Harpeth isn't a huge fan of torrenting? Psshh, that's their problem, not mine.)

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