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Monday, November 2, 2009


AAAHHHH! I haven't posted in forever! Just a quick little post before I hop in the shower :) I have a few things to tell all you wonderful readers.

1. Are you vegetarian? Vegan? Do you just care a lot about animals like kitty cats and fluffy bunnies and big ol' German Shepherds like mine? Go to Peta2.com and if you sign up, tell them prettialydia@yahoo.com was your referral- I'll get points, and I think you will, too!

B. I'm going to start taking my computer to school for 'notes' in Driver's Ed (i.e. most boring class I have ever had the misfortune to be forced to take- today, we learned about signs). Why is notes in single quotes, you ask? Because I probably won't actually take notes. In fact, I'll probably just be either writing fanfiction or IMing Marissa (she uses hers for notes in first period as well). And, once we get out of Driver's Ed (next week), I can use it for notes in Health (the first period class DE is cutting into), as well as this project we're doing in World History.

3. Speaking of my WH project, I'll tell ya about that. I am going to make a version of TIME magazine, but in the time period right after Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII got a divorce. It has to have news related to that time, a few ads (supposed to be goofy- I already have some ideas... audiobooks of The Prince, anyone? Only 2 silver coins!), stuff like that. Oh, and comics! I might try and scan in what I do (along with my grade, haha) so you can see the result of my major awesomeness.

IV. After coming thisclose to committing suicide, my life has suddenly taken a turn for the better. Weird, right? You'd assume it would get worse. Well, it hasn't. I've been abnormally happy, I've been way closer to God (sorry to offend if you're a religion other than Christian, but I'm rarely PC in my posts, LOL), and I haven't felt bad about myself. Even though that lady at the Suicide Hotline really didn't help me much- she just calmed me down, mostly- she did, in a way. Get it? Eh. Neither do I.

Love you all tons and tons and tons- I would give you some Dove chocolate, but when I try to stick it through the screen, it just makes my computer all messy XD


  1. I saw a funny bumper sticker...delete this comment if it's too offensive...


    I saw it during my brief (a few months) vegetarian phase. It didn't influence me in any way - I just thought it was funny

  2. Haha, it isn't offensive at all. I think it's kinda funny, actually :) Things like that don't tend to bother me; my family does it often enough.


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