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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boys are Immature

No offense, but you are.

What is it with guys and picking on girls? I'm used to Tyler doing it, but was today, I dunno, Pick On Random Chicks day?

I mean, Andrew kept making fun of me for bringing my computer to school, but he was complimenting me (and the computer) at the same time. Then, Matt kept randomly leaning over and pinching me during fourth period. And on the bus, Cade wouldn't stop taking my computer, and when I tried to grab it back, I got the ever-so-mature reply, "Go away! Leave me alone!" in a high-pitched, squeaky voice.



  1. Hey! I would resent that if it weren't true 99% of the time. But boys do sometimes pick on girls because they like them and are too immature to know any better way to make their presence known...

  2. :) Your unbiased insight into the male mind astounds me!


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