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Friday, September 11, 2009

Untitled XII

That's how I classify most of what I write. 'Untitled' and then a Roman numeral to tell its number. Let me tell you, it greatly helps when memorizing which of those ridiculous monarchs did what.

Hmm... Catherine of Aragon was Henry XIII's first wife. Maybe in Untitled XIII I could have a part A, in which the main character's name is Catherine. Perfect!

Seriously. And then, like, Catherine would get a divorce from her wife Henry. See what history does to me? It inspires the most ridiculous plots. I'm a bit upset that I'm halfway through with this class, though (only nine weeks more- it's a semester class, not year-long like in middle school). It's one of my favorites, and Phil (Coach Philipp, whatever) is my favorite teacher. Well, next to Nauert (no offense, Phil!), but I don't have Nauert for class, he's just one of the sponsors for the freshman class officers, so he doesn't count.

I think I'll take AP Euro whenever I can fit it in. All the students in that class have a note-burning session at the end of the semester. They literally have binders each full of handwritten notes from that class. Hmm... I could manage something similar in Geometry.

I'm getting off-topic, so I'll stop writing now.

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