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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Take on Obama's School Address

So, I had this huge, long thing typed up (think around two and a half OO.org pages), when I decided to be a moron and screw up some files and lose it. So for now, here's a short review:

I think that although he's usually a good speaker, he kind of stumbled (well, stumbled for *him*) through this one. He got a few facts about J. K. Rowling wrong (things anybody could realize, like mispronouncing her last name), and I thought he kind of talked about the same thing the whole time, just rephrasing constantly. I may be biased, though, having my harcore Republican father in the house :)

If I ever find my actual piece, I'll post it, but knowing me, it'll take a year. Blah. Now you know what I thought.

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