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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bush: Palin 'Not Even Remotely Prepared'

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All right, I know this quote is from forever ago, but I was trolling the interwebz and when I cae across this link (with the same title as this post), I couldn't help but see what it was about. I'm not even going to say anything political about it (though I'm not sure there is much to say). Read it and review both here and there, saying what you think about this. Anyways, here are a few quotes from the 'comments' section below the brief article.

TTH: "bout the brightest thing [Bush] ever said in 8 years,"
an unregistered user: "'Aim Low' - A Republican Tradition,"

and the one I believe pretty well captures what I'm sure Bush was trying to say...

FmrMarineSgt: "I can see Russia from here!"

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