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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photo Recovery (Not Quite a) Fiasco

My grandmother was moaning about how she'd lost all the pictures on her camera. "Oh, I've probably deleted them all. I'm so stupid!" Never-ending. So I go to Google.

Back up about a week, and you'd see Nama (our nickname for my grandmother; it comes from my brothers being incapable of pronouncing Gramma when they were little) snapping pictures of the ocean on her vacation, then running out of room. So she bought an SD card, popped that sucker in, done!

Back to now: "I got all the pictures off the SD card, but not off the camera itself. They won't show up."

I download VaioSoft Recover Manager, an absolutely wonderful little program. Worked like a charm, and in, like, less than thirty seconds, I had ten pictures sitting on her desktop. Unfortunately, these were not the pictures she was looking for. I ran VSRM again. It only found the same pictures. I banged my head against the desk, and then-

"Wait, can you save pictures on an adapter?"

I have a strong mental image of my laptop's AC adapter and feel the urge to kick a baby. Fortunately, I manage to downgrade my frustration to, "Uhm, what?"

"Yeah, I pulled out this little thing when I was putting in the SD card, and it said 'ADAPTER' on it."

I go to Google again. I begin to have a hunch. I go to Google Images and point to a certain picture. "Did it look like that?"


"Exactly like that, or only similar?"


This is that picture. You have to click it, because I'm not explaining the joke here. If you don't understand it, click here for information.

My goodness. When I go home (I'm at the office at this very moment, really shouldn't be blogging), I'm going to retrieve the photos from her MicroSD card.

Thank God they worship me for such sorcery instead of crying out, "Burn the witch! Burn her!" (I've been reading a lot about the Puritans lately. So sue me.)

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