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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fuck Unhappy People

Note: I wrote this yesterday but could not post it until today due to a retarded router.

It pisses me off to see people in what should be perfect relationships bitching and making a huge deal out of every little thing. It's just incredibly rage-inducing. Today at lunch, we were making sex jokes galore. (So, business as usual.) We have a game we play called the Word Association Game. One person says a word and then we go in a circle saying the first word that comes to mind. Example:

Person 1: “Fun.”
Person 2: “Playground.”
Person 3: “Roleplaying?”
Person 4: “Kinky.”

Anyways, Xeno laughed at a joke that was made about him and another guy friend of mine having anal sex (which, for the record, is almost certainly only a joke and in no way true). His girlfriend- a good friend of mine for ages- got super pissed off and for whatever reason he had to apologize. I do not understand this at all. She makes jokes just like the rest of us, and it's certainly not the first anal sex joke we've ever told about Xeno. He finds them amusing (or, at least, he laughs at them).

Eventually, Xeno laughed at another joke- God forbid someone find something using the word “boobies” amusing!- and he got in trouble with her (who I will now be calling Penelope) again. This time he didn't apologize. It was fucking stupid of her to both a) get angry with him for laughing- fucking asshat, he was laughing more at the facts that our friend had chosen the word “boobies” over “breasts” and that this word had been associated with “crayons” than any real demeaning joke- and b) expect him to apologize. So she got pissed (imagine that! If you knew her, you'd be the exact opposite of surprised) and stormed off to go sit with her back against the wall a few feet away. Of course, she was positioned right within Xeno's line of sight and pretty much out of everyone else's. He said nothing, and the table continued the game sans Penelope, not even acknowledging her departure. She coughed. We continued the game. She said something along the lines of, “Thanks, guys.” I don't know if the rest heard her, but I ignored her, as I felt that she was being very ridiculous overall and I know myself well enough to be certain that if I spoke to her, I'd go off and she'd get pissed at me. It shouldn't have mattered, though; she's pissed at me 90% of the time anyways. God knows why. Apparently I'm just a terribly abrasive person.

Gahh, fuck people who can't just be happy. I wish everyone around me would just smile and laugh and not be so fucking uptight and needy and clingy and demented.

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