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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ever Fallen In Love (and All I Blog About Nowadays is Dudes)

Yeah, like the Pete Yorn song. From the Shrek 2 soundtrack. "Ever fallen in, in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?" (It's stuck in my head.)

I think I may have a chance at experiencing teenagery love. You know, the average adolescent relationship with a first kiss and no "I love you"s and a bunch of movie dates.

All I've been blogging about lately is guys. Ugh, I'm such a teenage girl sometimes.

So anyways, this one shall be referred to as Mr. Gatlinburg; it suits him. He's a friend of mine, has been for a while. He's very funny, and pretty charming as well. The kind of guy you'd want to put his arm around you, I s'pose. And maybe this is the hormones talking, but *psst* I don't even care that he failed Biology three times.

I should totally care about that.

Also, this is my first time blogging via email. How's it look?
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