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Saturday, July 30, 2011

100 Facts About Me

A couple of the people I follow on Twitter have started doing this thing where they tell everyone one hundred things about themselves in one hundred tweets. As I don't have the capacity to force myself upon my followers like that, I decided to run with the concept and simply post all one hundred facts in a blog post instead.

1. I have commitment issues, but I'm working on those.
2. I seriously adore my friends. All of them.
3. I have this habit of making awkward situations even more awkward. (This was shamelessly stolen from my favorite comedian in the whole wide world [besides, of course, Dan Cummins], Mike Birbiglia.)
4. I'm proud of my ability to laugh at myself.
5. I write fanfiction.
6. I skipped a grade (I did the first semester of kindergarten, then after Christmas I did first grade).
7. My favorite color is either red or purple, but my favorite thing to see is gray. (The sky when it's about to rain, wet pavement... well, maybe just anything associated with rain.)
8. I love rainy days. Clearly.
9. I have a minor caffeine addiction that comes out to play even more so during the school year. And it fucking plays rough.
10. I pretend I'm badass sometimes.
11. I have the most awesome glasses ever.
12. I watch documentaries voluntarily.
13. I'm addicted to Harry Potter.
14. Without mascara, I feel naked.
15. I dislike pink, but just realized that my pink tights are my favorite tights, my BlackBerry is pink, and the laptop I lifted from my mother is pink.
16. I want to work at Starbucks.
17. I love strawberries.
18. And chocolate.
19. And chocolate-covered strawberries.
20. My right eyebrow is always neat, and my left always looks fucked up. No, I don't do that on purpose.
21. Coke, not Pepsi. But definitely Pepsi Max over Coke Zero.
22. My iPod Touch got stolen in the eighth grade. Fuck whoever did that.
23. I know too much.
24. I always have to predict the ending. Maybe that's the basis of my commitment issues, haha.
25. Dust irritates me.
26. I always sleep with my blanket stuck under my feet. Otherwise the monsters and/or sharks will grab me.
27. I can't have my legs outside the blanket. That demon from Paranormal Activity will take me.
28. I adore headbands!
29. I have no cleavage unless I wear my ridiculous push-up bra and cross my arms.
30. According to my Facebook, I work at Grammar Nazis. I'm the chief, because I'm that hardcore.
31. I love tennis, even though I suck at it.
32. All my friends have had this one math teacher other than me.
33. For three of my four math classes I've taken in high school, I've had the same teacher. I love Mrs. McKnight- she's a BAMF.
34. I overcame my fear of being in front of others by taking Theatre freshman year.
35. I have a mini-panic attack whenever I make a mistake.
36. I love wearing high heels and don't get uncomfortable after walking about in them.
37. I drink too much milk.
38. I'm addicted to the internet.
39. Electricity intrigues and vaguely frightens me.
40. I hate wearing eyeshadow.
41. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life.
42. I love skinny jeans.
43. I love hot chocolate, and I drink it during the summer.
44. I guess I'm kind of a bitch sometimes.
45. I'm damn hilarious.
46. I like math.
47. I find stickers to be awesome.
48. I dislike the practice of smoking weed.
49. I think guys in ties and glasses are hawt.
50. I'm a vegetarian, and I ain't fuckin' scared of him.
51. I love you if you get that reference.
52. I have strange-ish taste in music.
53. I want to move to either London or Seattle.
54. I resent the fact that my mother and step-father are putting a limit on how far I can go for college (and I have to go along with it, as I won't be eighteen until the very end of my freshman year at university).
55. I lovelovelove baby carrots, especially with ranch (dipped or drizzled, I really don't care).
56. I reorganize periodically because I feel like I have to.
57. I was adopted at age eleven or twelve by the guy I called Dad, Daddy, or some variation thereof from the age of four up until fifteen. (Now I call him by his first and last name, haha.)
58. I have four siblings, four step-siblings from Mother's re-marriage, a step-brother from my dad's marriage, and a half-sister from my dad's re-marriage. Urgh.
59. I don't want to have children.
60. I wish I had a British accent.
61. I think in a British accent most days.
62. I enjoy coloring pictures.
63. I named my desktop Luke, my laptop Deb, and my calculator George.
64. I have this horrible habit of inflicting water damage upon my mobile phone.
65. I have a record player and about fifteen vinyl records (including all but one Beatles album).
66. I used to have pet chickens. Then they were destroyed by some stray dogs.
67. My first boyfriend told me he loved me after two days, and since I was so shocked I just naturally told him I loved him, too.
68. I'd rather be deaf than blind.
69. I constantly crave potatoes in some form or other- fries, mashed potatoes, hashbrowns, tater tots, chips... it doesn't really matter.
70. I can easily type over 80 wpm.
71. My mother and biological dad, Vlad, had a cat whose name was Russian for a phrase for which the approximate English translation is "Dumbshit."
72. I vaguely remember a fat white cat named Yoda that hated my mother- especially when she was pregnant with Bitch 1 and Bitch 2 at the same time- but Mother has no recollection of this.
73. I like grilled cheese, especially with ketchup or tomato soup.
74. I think Spanish is a sexy language, and I love speaking it.
75. I let the toilet paper roll off the top, not out from under..
76. I leave the shower curtain open.
77. I leave the toilet lid down.
78. I tend to be a Jack... er, Jane-of-all-trades and master of none.
79. I read all the books with Dewey Decimal numbers 1-100 in my middle school's library.
80. I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in three days, but I would've finished it more quickly if my mother hadn't kept giving me chores. At least I pre-ordered from Amazon.
81. My first flute was a piece of shit we bought online.
82. I forget to sleep.
83. I forget to eat.
84. I forget to bathe.
85. I love businesswear, as long as it can be cute/sexy. Pencil skirts rock.
86. I swear like a fucking sailor sometimes.
87. I loathe attending church. I love Jesus and all, but fuuuuck.
88. I'm big on Linux. Originally this was only because I hated Vista and Ubuntu is free.
89. I sleep with my regular pillow, two smaller pillows on either side of me (so the monsters don't get me, duh), and a stuffed Cogsworth (from Beauty and the Beast, the little clock dude!).
90. I cry fairly regularly. That wave of... I don't know, but it's the opposite of ecstasy, comes over me and I end up curled up in a ball sobbing until four in the morning.
91. I like falafel. A lot. Nomnomnom.
92. My first role model was Anastasia, in the animated film.
93. My first legitimate role model was Hermione Granger, and yes, my parents did resent that a little.
94. My mother had a rule when I was in fourth grade that I had to go outside during the day, as until that point I would stay in and read. Much to her chagrin, I simply took my book outside.
95. I firmly believe my sister (Bitch 1) is a sociopath.
96. I know that everything will work out in the end.
97. I enjoy walking places.
98. Being in the car- for as little as five minutes, with certain cars- makes me woozy.
99. I like things that are on fire. Just not my home.
100. I firmly believe I'll be truly happy someday.

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