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Friday, March 25, 2011

Gender Bender (or, She Says/She Says)

My friend and I recently got into a discussion about religion (mostly female preachers), and other things you're not supposed to discuss at the dinner table. It's okay, though, because we weren't eating at the table- we were eating on her bedroom floor, and there were no sharp objects involved.

Disclaimer: If you can't keep calm while you're commenting, wait a day or so. Your blood pressure should be at a normal or only slightly elevated level when you comment. You can disagree with anything we say- we won't be offended- but please, for the sake of your dignity and my bandwidth, don't argue. Debate? Sure. But argue? Save it for the playground.

She is of the opinion that God made men first and gave woman to man as a companion, therefore man comes first in the household and in the church- BUT that does not give him the right to control all aspects of a woman's life. He simply stands in front, which by default means he "takes the bullet" for the woman. So, in her words: "Yeah, he can be the head of the household, and have the final say, but when shit hits the fan he's the one that's going to be stinking."

I am of the opinion that God made men first and gave woman to man as a companion. However, I believe that companions are equal. I'm not saying women are better than men, or that we should dominate the household; I'm just saying that women should be given the chance, the opportunity, and/or the "privelege" to protect and defend herself. Should she be able to rely on her man? Yeah, definitely. Whatever floaties your boaty. Should she have to? I don't think so. They need to stand beside each other. In my words: "When the shit hits the fan, we all need a long, hot shower and some baked goods."

Enough said, probably. Thoughts? Opinions? Leave a comment!

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