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Monday, December 21, 2009

Vote in the Poll (Hurry, Before it's too Late!)

See that poll over there? >>>

There's only 10 days left to vote, and you know you want me to know which sites you use. Okay? So just slide the cursor on over there and do some clickin'. It takes, like, three seconds.


  1. I remember I used to try and fight facebook and myspace...but now I have a facebook (still hate myspace though...I'm not into sexual predators).

    My twitter is somewhat useless now, it was only fun for a few months.


  2. I had a Myspace for a while, but I guess it worked the same way as your Twitter... I gave up on it after a while; the only reason I ever still get on is some app I'm obsessed with. (Once a month.)

    I still use my Twitter and Facebook multiple times a day, though :)


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