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Monday, December 28, 2009

Caffeine Jitters? Yeah, I Think Not

For whatever reason, caffeine has never really given me that high, or rush, that people talk about. It doesn't keep me from sleeping; in fact, on the occasions that I do drink coffee before bed (rarely lately, since my dad's a freak about teens getting all jacked up on caffeine, but now that I'm staying with my Starbucks-addicted mother, it will likely happen more often), I sleep pretty well.

My mother has the same curse- or is it possibly a blessing?- as I do. She drinks coffee and still has a bad attitu- erm, my mother's an angel? Ow! Mom, don't hit me! My mom's an angel!

If I go missing, she did it. Just remember that: Lydia's mother is an angel. I mean, all attorneys are, after all. Am I right?



  1. 1. All mothers and all attorneys ARE angels...(hey, every word in that sentence except one begins with 'a' A-wesome)

    2. Thanks for referencing my blog, despite my utter lack of credibility

    3. I read that chics on the web article and thought it was a bunch of pop-speculation

    4. Maybe you can help me with something...When others find my avatar in 'followers' on a blog I'm following, there is no link to my blog. Do you know how to create that link in the mini-page that pops up? (If this doesn't make sense, ignore it)

    5. Happy New Year!

  2. 1. Niiice :) And you're the only one that seems to think like that! I'm sure my mother will be glad there's one person in the world that thinks that well of attorneys. And mothers.

    2. You're credible; you write, don't you?

    3. Exactly.

    4. When you click on the avatar and the little page pops up, your list of blogs shows up under the heading 'links.'

    5. You, too! My first few hours of 2010 are going to be spent babysitting, I do believe. At least I'll get paid for it; there's not much I could (legally, anyways) do anyways ;) Have a nice last few days of 2009!

  3. Lol. I think of it more as a blessing. (:
    Same thing with me though. I can drink it right before bed and sleep perfectly.
    I think a cool invention would be mood altering coffee. Perhaps we could try some on all of our "angels" in our lives. (;

  4. Indeed. If I could get ahold of something like that, I would totally slip some into my mom's morning... coffee. I guess it would have to be a complementary flavor. :)


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