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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegetarianism is Humane

To start out, I would like to say that I felt incredibly badass, posting from the school computer. I wanted to say that in that post, but I figured they might have a profanity filter that would alert them that whoever was on Computer 25 at 2:30 PM or whatever was on Blogger writing bad words, and they would figure out through my profile that it was moi. Yes, I know I don't have my real surname up, but a simple search for students at Harpeth with the name Lydia (as far as I know, there are only two out of the six hundred students in my entire school), combined with looking for somebody with my face, it would be easy.


I recently (and by recently, I mean last night) converted to vegetarianism. Why? I got sent a video of three men catching and killing a cow to be used to make beef. That animal's screams of pain got to me, and I couldn't watch much past the first few seconds.
Because of this, I am now ovolactovegeterian, meaning that I do not eat beef, veal, shellfish, or any other animal flesh product. I also will not eat certain things like parmesan cheese, because they have enzymes in them, which come from animals (obviously). Dead animals. Besides, animal-based enzymes are relatively weak when compared to their plant-based cousins.

Yeah, biatch. I Googled that.

Anyways, the 'ovolacto' prefix just makes it clear that I will eat eggs and drink milk. This is important, because it shows that I will eat anything in which an animal didn't die to make it. Eggs are like a chicken's period. You don't have to have a rooster around for them to lay. How do I know this? Because for a while I had chickens, and despite the fact that I didn't have a rooster, they kept on laying. So, unless the hens figured out some bizarre sort of lesbian mating ritual that resulted in one of them getting pregnant, it would certainly seem that they lay eggs whether or not they are with child. (Or chick.)

And milking a cow doesn't- at least, with proper supervision, it doesn't- hurt the cow in any way, shape or form. In fact, it can hurt the cow if you don't milk it.

So I have nothing against eggs and milk.

I know that it sounds strange to some, but that's my reasoning. I am willing to give up bacon, burgers, and hot dogs (not sure what kind of meat that is- it might actually only be rubber; someone explain that to me?) in order to protect animals.

How would you like it if some higher species that we were defenseless against picked you up and brought you to a slaughterhouse so they could chop you up and eat you? Pretty bad, I'd imagine. Unless, of course, you are suicidal, in which case I don't know what to say to you.

Also, in the long run, this is better for my heart. I fully intend on having every birthday I can manage. I don't know why I wouldn't. Again, if you are suicidal... sorry, dude.

I am not trying to convert you, I just thought I'd present my opinions on the subject. Comment telling me about what you think of vegetarianism. Do you eat meat? How about milk and eggs? Are you only semi-vegetarian? Why? Do you think vegetarianism is dumb? If I get a few replies, then I might have a special post just to reply to your replies :)

Note: That last bit wasn't begging for comments, it was creativity in action, LOL.

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  1. I try not to eat meat if I have a choice, but haven't converted to vegetarianism in such a way that I strictly avoid it. I get confused by all of the science since it seems to change so much...


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