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Friday, October 16, 2009


Imagine you are a vegetarian teenager, who does not generally cook dinner. Your mother makes Hamburger Helper. Is it better to

a) request something different, or skip dinner altogether and get something later,
b) pick out the meat, eat the noodles, and eat a lot of garlic bread (another part of the meal)?

I assumed answer B would be more polite, but my mother just looked at me and went, "Really? You're wasting that meat, just eat it."

And on the inside I was all, "Really? Because, seeing as I've already told you I don't eat meat, it was kind of ridiculous of you to expect me to eat it in the first place- therefore, you, madame, are the one wasting the effing meat." But of course, I didn't say that out loud. Instead, what did I do? I started crying.

Not on purpose. Not because I was sad. I cry whenever I get highly emotional- happy, sad, angry, frustrated, afraid. So my frustration and anger came out in the form of tears. And then Shelby (my nine year old sister) said, "Look, she's crying!"

And my mom got pissed off at me for crying, too. So you know what? Maybe I'll just go sit alone in a corner and eat my delicious, natural vegetarian diet. (Did you know human teeth are more shaped for eating plants than meat? Our 'canine' teeth are no comparison to those of lions and such, and carnivorous animals don't have flat molars like we do.) Then, when I'm done eating, I'll just go cry my eyes out because I'm such an alleged poor little effing emo kid that apparently really can't be around her family for more than ten minutes before either side gets pissed off at the other. They can all just go feast on corn dogs and pork chops.

I broke a nail. And it hurt.


  1. I really liked that :P

    not the bit were you ended up crying... but how you wrote it.

  2. Thanks :) I enjoy writing sarcastic comments about how I feel... it's my way of getting things out, and I'm glad someone understands it and doesn't see it as 'oh, Lydia just likes being a moody bitch.'

    Hehe... got off on a bit of a tangent there. But thanks :)

    (Guess what! I didn't like the bit where I ended up crying, either! What a coincidence! lol)


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