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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top 5 Things I LOL About in Gas Stations

I wrote this in the car in a composition notebook (okay, so maybe it was the slam book...) after coming out of the filthiest gas station ever.

5. The signs on the walls always talk about hygienics, and washing your hands, and keeping healthy, but there's usually a rather visual fungus somewhere in the place.

4. The Coke is nestled between the Vault and the Bud Lite.

3. There are posters and flags adorning the walls to represent every losing team in that region of the country, but never any for good teams. (Note: more prominent in the middle of nowhere.)

2. The cashier (who is usually of a minority race) looks stoned probably 98% of the time.

And the number one thing I LOL about in gas stations...


1. In the bathrooms, the flavored condoms are smack in between the 'orgasmic erection rings' and the tampons. You can one of any of those for 75 cents each.

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