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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Stupid and My Phone's Number Pad No Longer Functions Properly

Yes, today's title is fairly literal, kids. I was out dancing in the rain today and had my phone tucked in the side of my bra, as per the usual (good for school 'cause no teacher's gonna look there, good for everywhere else 'cause no thief's gonna reach there without me noticing). I came inside and started to text Hot Chocolate, but some of the buttons were fucked up. Oh, no, I thought, not a repeat of what happened in March! [Yes, fuckers, this moron had to get her mother's old phone (the one that got wet today) because she pranced into the ocean with her old one in her pocket. And it failed at life from then on. It also had sand in it, which probably didn't help the situation any.]

Immediately after discovering that I may completely reenact March of 2010, I dumped my phone into our bag of white rice, because I distinctly remember reading this all across the interwebs. Then I did a Google and tried the first thing I saw: hair dryer. I then returned the phone to the rice baggy. I did a little more Googling. Apparently the hair dryer thing is a terrible idea as it can melt things inside the phone and push moisture further in, but that's what I did. I then read that vacuum cleaner hoses can help bring the moisture out, so I went upstairs, plugged in the vacuum, and attacked the phone with that for a few minutes. I (once again) returned my phone to the white rice, and here I sit, writing a blog post.

Damn my hobbies. Why did I have to decide dancing in the rain is lovely and fun? Why couldn't I decide dancing inside is amazing? Whatever. I'll keep you posted on the phone's progress.

Also, HOLY SHIT I haven't posted in FOREVER!


  1. Brilliant - i think the only option you diddnt try was to put it in the oven !
    (Sniffy - nethernet)

  2. :) Ill try this again seeing as my first post seems to have disappeared into the ether !!

    About the only option you diddnt try was shoving it on the oven . I did that once - got distracted and returned to a molten blob of plastic and the remaining electroinics... Safe to say it diddnt work !

    :) Enjoy (sniffy - nethernet)

  3. Haha, I thought about trying the oven thing but decided I would most likely end up getting distracted like you did and ruining it ;)

    Fortunately, my phone works now :D


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