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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picnics Suck

This blog has a form of the word 'complain' in it, so I figure I'm entitled to a little bit of complaining about my day. Here we go.

I woke up at eight this morning, after around six and a half hours of sleep. I tried to listen to my iPod Nano, but my headphones were messed up. My siblings woke up at ten after eight and the first thing they did was argue. Over anything and everything- who got to play the Wii first, what Edward said in Twilight (we were watching the movie), what kind of yogurt is best.

After a little while they calmed down and I got a mosquito bite the size of a quarter on my lower right arm near my wrist. (While inside the house, which kind of scares me.) My hair looks like crap, and has a huge knot about two inches from where it meets my neck. I get writer's block, so I have trouble writing my fics (not to mention all the noise). We watch Twilight again, and Sydney (one of my eight year old sisters, Shelby's twin) keeps asking stupid questions like, "Who is that? Is that girl a vampire?" In that case, she was talking about Bella's mom.

We just got back from a picnic in the park composed of crappy peanut butter sandwiches, crackers with either cheese or peanut butter, yogurt, and root beer. I hate root beer. The smell is nauseating. So anyways, I get another dime-sized mosquito bite on my other arm. I hate those. (The bites, not the bugs. Well, the bites and the bugs, really.) Anyways, right now Sydney can't figure out how to work the shower and she's taking her anger out on Thaxton with a pillow. I have to go break up the fight. Goodbye.

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