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Friday, May 29, 2009

Stupid Vista SP Download Process

I'm updating the Windows Vista service packs (a complicated process I'll explain momentarily) so that I can install free Photoshop. I've also figured out that as long as you have no internet connection, Vista is fine. As for the complicated process:

  1. Dig out flash drive
  2. Discover drive is too small for files
  3. Dig out other flash drive
  4. Discover other drive is incompatible with Vista (stupid)
  5. Find *another* flash drive (4GB, brand new)
  6. Google Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  7. Download the Vista SP1
  8. Realize that this will take a while
  9. Watch in agony as the internet cuts out
  10. Start download (which is a huge-a** file) of Vista SP1
  11. Figure you might as well download Vista SP2 as well
  12. Google it
  13. Find download page, look for compatible download version
  14. Wonder what the hell "x86" is
  15. Google it
  16. Finally realize, after fifteen minutes of searching, that it wouldn't really matter, because there was an all-purpose download for x86 and 64-bit versions of Vista
  17. Listen to family watch Role Models in the living room, watch twenty minutes of the movie
  18. Come back to check progress on downloads
  19. Groan when you see that there's still 1 hour, 1 minute remaining
  20. Bang head against desk
  21. Groan in pain
  22. Take some Tylenol
  23. Lie down

(repeat with any other downloads you may ever require)

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